How To Invest Rs.50 Lakh?

There are many investment options you can choose from to invest Rs. 50 lakh such as mutual fund, shares, bonds, and so on.

For Rs. 50 lakh, Fixed Deposit can be a hassle-free and profitable investment. They are secure investments that help you accumulate wealth and grow your corpus. It helps to diversify your investment, earn higher returns with stability, and offers unwavering flexibility in terms of payout and tenure.

Fixed Deposit

This fixed deposit monthly income scheme is a risk-free investment as it is not affected by market fluctuations. You can park a lump sum of Rs. 50 lakh into the account and earn attractive interest income on these savings.


Benefits & Features

# Cumulative Vs Non-Cumulative

You can choose from cumulative (interest is paid at the time of maturity) and non-cumulative (where interest is paid at monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually intervals).

# Renewal

Most financial institutions and NBFCs offer lucrative interest rates on renewal of fixed deposit. It could be 0.25% over and above the regular interest rate at which the deposit is booked.

# Tenor

You can opt between flexible tenors of 12-60 months. This affects your liquidity requirements letting you enjoy a higher cash flow.

# Stability

Fixed deposits are free of market fluctuations and untouched by any form of volatility. Thus, they are a stable investment option promising assured return.

# Online Account

You can easily access and manage your fixed deposit online using your login details. You can track details such as interest earned, ongoing tenure and so on.


Online Fixed Deposit Calculators: How to Use Them

In order to efficiently plan your investment in an FD, you will have to do some calculations and choose your principal amount as per your maturity amount expectations. Needless to say, the task will require you to do a lot of calculations. Hence, you can use online FD calculators to save some of your precious time and derive accurate results.



  • What is online fixed deposit calculator?


FD calculator is an online tool allowing fixed deposit investors to calculate the total return on their investment. The same is easily accessible on the websites of major financial institutions.


  • Things you need to know before using Online fixed deposit calculators.


  1. Principal Sum: The sum you are planning to invest i.e Rs 1 lakh, 2 lakh etc.
  2. Offered Interest Rate: The interest rate offered by the bank/NBFC for the FD scheme you are planning to invest in.  
  3. The frequency of Interest Calculation: Interest compounding frequency within a year. It can be done on quarterly, half-yearly or annually by a bank or NBFC.
  4. Tenure of Investment: The length of time you are planning to invest the money for i.e one year, five years, ten years etc.  

The calculator uses the below given formula to calculate the return on investment

A = P (1 + r/4/100) ^ (4*n) and A = P (1 + r/25)4n.


A= the final maturity amount,

P= principal sum,

r= interest rate, and

n= tenure.


  • Manual Calculation


The same formula can be used to calculate the sum manually. However, chances of human calculation errors are higher leading to inaccurate results.

Difference between Manual and Online Calculations – Though both use the same formula, online calculators take into account various considerations – type of FD, compounding interest rate for the entire tenure, to give accurate results. Manually, you may lack experience or the aptitude to do so.

Hence, it is advisable to use an easy-to-use online calculator for fixed deposit interest calculation.   

Fixed Deposit – Top Investment Choice for Late Starters

Fixed Deposit – Top Investment Choice for Late Starters

Some people are impatient and they can’t wait to do something. On the contrary, there are people who wait for the right time to start investing. Now, considering investment, your chances of success are higher if you are the first kind. However, if you belong to the latter school of thoughts, you have equal chances to achieve your financial goals, only if you start with

As wise people say, “It’s never late to learn from your mistakes and correct them”. You can start building your investment portfolio from the very moment and park your money into the right investment vehicles to leverage the benefits. To start with, below are certain advantages of investing in fixed deposit.

  1. Highest investment safety even after multiple market fluctuations.
  2. Assured returns on investment, disbursed in the account at the time of maturity.
  3. Tenor flexibility along with the benefit to decide the investment amount.
  4. Interest gains at the rate of up to 7.85% per annum depending on where you invest. The same can rise up to 8.10% per annum if you are a senior citizen.

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Bottom line: Whether you start late or immediately after your first job, fixed deposit is going to remain a good choice in both situations. A fixed deposit can be adopted as a part of short-term investment strategy, the same is highly suitable investment instrument to meet long-term financial goals. In fact, it is the top choice for investors planning their retirement due to the varied benefits associated with the product.

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Why Should Beginners Choose Fixed Deposit?

Why Should Beginners Choose Fixed Deposit?

Do you consider yourself as a beginner in context of investment? If you haven’t invested before, then it is always better to start with fixed deposit. You may come across several options such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, stocks, equities, bonds and more. You can even choose any of the investment plans, but that may not be a good decision for you. As a beginner, you should go for the best. The investment option that gives the maximum ROI is the best plan.

earning money

Most of the investment involves high risk factor. In this context, fixed deposit is not affected by fluctuating market conditions, so it is safe. An FD is one of the safest investment options as it gives fixed Returns on Investment or ROI.

Reasons why FD is the best

  • It is great for the starting point. People have reaped amazing dividends from fixed deposit and they have never faced the threat of losing money.
  • It is better to invest the money rather than keeping the money idle on savings account or at home. Investing in an FD scheme will help you to earn more interest than a savings account.
  • It allows to adopt flexible tenor ranging from 1 to 5 years.
  • It offers guaranteed higher return on investment.

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